ŠKODA HORAL MTB MARATHON 2019 – 20-th. Anniverssary – propositions

Term:                          Saturday 10-th. August.2019,
Organizer:                  ŠK HORAL – ALTO Slovakia, town Svit, villages Liptovská Teplička, Vikartovce, Telgárt, Šumiac and Šuňava
Race director:            Ing. Ivan ZIMA
Main referee:             Pavol Miazdra
Time keeping:           Ing. Dušan Richter, VOS TPK
Results:                     František Teplický, STAVBY a OBCHOD, (SAO)
General sponzor:     ŠKODA AUTO SLOVENSKO
Area of tracks:          Kozie Chrbty, Nízke Tatry v okolie Kráľovej Hole

Tracks of HORAL marathon:
HORAL Krejzi:            134 km, total elevation 4.500 m. The highest point: Kráľova Hoľa (1948m.a.s.l.)
HORAL Lejzi:              78km, total elevation 2.500 m.
HORAL Senzi:             43 km, total elevation 1.350 m.
HORAL Ízi:                  28 km, total elevation 835 m.
HORAL Dejzi:             17 km total elevation 350 m.

Characteristic:           Mountain bike marathon (XCM MTB) in very attractive alpine area of 3 Slovak national parks. Long climbs. Very nice views on mountains around.
                     Race is under rules of SLOVAK CYCLING FEDERATION and UCI.
Registration:          At race office: SVIT, ul. Štefánikova (small SPORT HALL) friday 09-th.August.2019 from 15:00 till 20:00, or on Saturday 10-th. August. 2019 from 6:30 till 10:00 (KREJZI only till 6:45).

Start and Finish:

1 HORAL Krejzi Svit – Town hall Start: 07:00, Finish from 13:00 till 19:00
2 HORAL Lejzi Svit – Town hall Start: 09:00, Finish from 12:15 till 16:00
3 HORAL Senzi Svit Town hall Start: 10:00, Finish from 12:00 till 14:00
4 HORAL Ízi Svit Town hall Start: 10:30, Finish from 11:45 till 13:30
5 HORAL Dejzi Svit Town hall Start: 11:00, Finish from 11:45 till 13:00

HORAL JUNIOR:        This race for children will be held on saturday 10.-th. August 2019 at Svit near Koliba

Prices:                        For the first three racers in all categories. Main price in raffle: bicycles ŠKODA
Ceremony:                 HORAL – saturday 18:00. Raffle: in the evening at 19:00
Tech. support:           On the tracks at refreshment buffets will be set of basic tools and materials.  
Starting fee:               You can pay starting fee by bank transfer. IBAN: SK79 0200 0000 0014 7376 0653.

Starting fee includes:

  • technical support
  • professional medical services: RESCUE SERVIS s.r.o.
  • refreshment on the tracks – at finish hot meal beer or non alcoholic drink
  • start number with name
  • sports nutrition NUTREND
  • souvenir cycling bottle ŠKODA

The Nearest health center: Obvodné zdrav. Stredisko Svit, Fraňa Kráľa 1.
The nearest hospital: Nemocnica s poliklinikou Poprad, Bannícka 28.

1 ME Men 19 – 39 years 1980 – 2000  
2 MME Men MASTERS B 40 – 49 years 1970 – 1979  
3 MBE Men MASTERS C 50 – 59 years 1960 – 1969  
4 MCE Men MASTERS D 60 years and above 1959 and before  
5 ZE Women 19 years and above 2000 and before  
6 MM Men 19 – 39 years 1980 – 2000  
7 MMM Men MASTERS B 40 – 49 years 1970 – 1979  
8 MBM Men MASTERS C 50 – 59 years 1960 – 1969  
9 MCM Men MASTERS D 60 years and above 1959 and before  
10 ZM Women 19 yeasr and above 2000 and before  
11 JP Juniors 17 – 18 years 2001 – 2002  
12 MP Men 19 – 39 years 1980 – 2000  
13 MMP MASTERS B 40 – 49 years 1970 – 1979  
14 MBP MASTERS C 50 – 59 years 1960 – 1969  
15 MCP MASTERS D 60 years and above 1959 and before  
16 ZJP Juniors girls 17 – 18 years 2001 – 2002  
17 ZP Women 19 – 39 years 1980 – 2000  
18 ZMBP Women MASTERS B 40 – 49 years 1970 – 1979  
19 ZMCP Women MASTERS C 50 years and above 1969 and before  
20 Kadets 15 – 16 years 2002 – 2003  
21 Juniors 17 – 18 years 2001 – 2000  
22 Men from 19 years 1999 and before  
23 ZKŠ Kadets 15 – 16 years 2004 – 2005  
24 ZJŠ Juniors girls 17 – 18 years 2001 – 2002  
25 Women from 19 years 2000 and before  
 HORAL DEJZI –  family race
26 R Family Family Team: Adult from 18 years + children till 14 years (year of bird 2005 and above)    

HORAL JUNIOR categories:  

Baby (*) 4 years and less 2015 and later
Mikro 5 – 6 years 2013 – 2014
Mili 7 – 8 years 2011 – 2012
Mini 9 – 10 years 2009 – 2010
Mladší Žiaci 11 – 12 years 2007 – 2008
Starší Žiaci 13 – 14 years 2005 – 2006

(*) – The category Baby is not competitive! Each category is competition of boys and girls. They start together only in the case of small quantity of racers. The race for children HORAL JUNIOR will be held in Saturday on  10th August 2019 in Svit near Koliba.

Refreshments:              Refreshment stations on tracks : HORAL KREJZI 8x: 17km, 38km, 63km, 78km, 100km, 108km, 123km, 133km HORAL LEJZI 5x: 17km, 38km, 48km, 63km, 73km HORAL SENZI 3x: 17km, 31km, 43km HORAL ÍZI 2x: 17km, 28km HORAL DEJZI 2x: 10km, 17km. In the finish meal + bear (or non alcoholic drink)
Preparing tracks:          According to rules of UCI: Directional arrows (boards with white background) shows the following changes on tracks, crossroads and every potentionaly dangerous situations. Aditional markings: with PE strip and colorful directional arrows sprayed with bright color on solid backgrounds on the track.
Accomodation:            Tents in the areal of swimming pool in Svit – for free + numbers of boarding houses and hotels around Svit
Registration: via ON-LINE registration system or printed and filled registration paper with payment receipt send to address : ŠK HORAL – ALTO Slovakia Sládkovičova 33 059 21 SVIT Tel.: +42152 / 7756 885, 7757 122, 7757 158 
Information:                 Information can be found continuously
on http://www.horal.sk or from 8:00 to 15:00 at the above mentioned address and phone numbers (p. Ivan Zima)
Complaints:                 You can file your complaints in writting in the race office right after comming to finish. At the latest 15 minutes before announcing the results. The fee is 20,- € , if the protest will not be successful all of the money will not be returned.
Conditions:                  The event will take place in any weather. in the case of extremely cold weather,  organizer is reserving the right to change (shorten) the track. – The marathon will be attended by racers in full road traffic without any traffic restirctions, at their own risk. – We advice medical examination! – Persons above 18 years are required to show parental consent ! – Track Horal Dejzi is designed for families (adult + kid). A kid can ride her/his own bike or can be carried in the seat by a parent. Maximum age of a kid is 14 years.

  • Modern cycling helmet – the base is made of molded polyestyrene, REQUIRED throughout the whole race (also for kids in the category Family) !!! The helmet must be firmly attached to the head of the participant !
  • Time limit to finish the track for HORAL Krejzi is till 19:00 + meet all limits on the track, Lejzi: 7 hours from the start.
  • Participant must be bother that there will be photoservis on tracks during the race. It also agrees to receive an information e-mail from event partner, with subject of made photos in this respect. The agreement for the photoservis is valid only till 15 days after the end of the event.
  • The organizer, at the same time all persons and organizations, which are cooperating with the event are rejecting taking care for damages done to participants (or persons in general), things and property before, during the event. Participants are attending at their own risk and take civil as well as criminal liability for every damage they do. Participants with their signature are providing their approval that they reject their right to harm organizer when injury or crash will occure.
  • I understand that in the case of injury I won´t make any claims to the organizers. I also understand that the regulations of the organizers will be respected. I agree with the terms of participating and I would like to register to the above mentioned event. For people younger than 18 years old is necessary the signature of the legal representative. In the case of withdrawal from the race and not reporting its withdrawal to the organizer, the person is responsible for all consequenses of searching for person on the track.
  • I voluntarily agree to use my personal data for the needs of this race in all form fields and also agree to publish my personal data in the scope of online reports, staring lists, results lists and I agree to publish my own photographs from the race pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act č. 122/2013 Zb pre prevádzkovateľa (Občianske združenie ŠK HORAL – ALTO Slovakia) and its contract distributors (registration: František Teplický – STAVBY A OBCHOD, IČO: 33090351, time keeping: VOS-TPK s.r.o., IČO: 47632895, serials: SLOVAK XCM TOUR, ŠKODA BIKE OPEN TOUR, INTERSPORT MTM SERIES, DETSKÁ TOUR PETRA SAGANA). This agreement is valid for 10 years from the last valid registration form and it is possible to withdraw the agreement according to § 28 cit. The law in writting or via email (sao@sao-tatry.sk). The provision of the data is voluntary and without consequences, provided that such data may be processed for the purposes of the Participant Database pursuant to the Act. no. 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies.