Question 1:
I would like to inform about European Chamipionship. Are there some conditions for riders to be participant in categories masters? Or it is enough to be holder of licenses in these categories?

Thank you!
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informations about conditons for riders you can see in this article:


Question 2:
Hello I would like to ask you if the Marathon is also opened for amateur cyclists. I am 37 years old, so I would ride in the Master class. However, do I need a licence from the Romanian Cycling Federation? thank you, best regards

European Champoinship is also for MASTER categories. For man 37 years old is category MEN MASTERS 35-39. Track for them is 134km. You need national cycling licence. If you don´t have licence, you can ride open HORAL marathon on saturday (August 12-th.). There are 4 tracks (134km, … 27km)


Question 3:
I would like to ask, whitch track I will ride for European Championships if I am a man 39 years old?

European Chapionship is open for ELITE categoriues and also for all MASTERS categories. For men 39 years is track 134km. There are tracks for all categories:

MEN MASTERS 30-34 years, MEN MASTERS 35-39 years,

WOMEN MASTERS 30-34 years, WOMEN MASTERS 35-39 years, WOMEN MASTERS 40-44 years, WOMEN MASTERS 45-49 years, WOMEN MASTERS 50-54 years, WOMEN MASTERS 55-59 years, WOMEN MASTERS 60+ years.

MEN MASTERS 30-34 years, MEN MASTERS 35-39 years, MEN MASTERS 40-44 years, MEN MASTERS 45-49 years, MEN MASTERS 50-54 years, MEN MASTERS 55-59 years, MEN MASTERS 60-64 years, MEN MASTERS 65-69 years, MEN MASTERS 70+ years.


Question 5:
If somebody want to start at Marathon EC in ELITE category is it free? I mean without a permit of national federation? And if the rider pay the entry fee, he/she doesn’t need the permit from federation just ride?

The entry fee is free for max 6 biker of every country in ELITE category. They have to be permitted by their national cycling federation. Nobody without permit of NCF will have free entry fee. Free entry fee is only for ELITE category!
Another bikers (delegated by their club), have to pay entry fee. Anybody can start at UEC Marathon EC. The condition is only one – the licence of the national cycling federation.


Question 6:
What are the condition of payment entry fee? How and when I have to pay?

Entry fee should be paid by bank transfer to organizer IBAN: SK79 0200 0000 0014 7376 0653, BIC bank code: SUBASKBX. Please, pay within 10 days after filling the registration. As a variable symbol use your licence number. Owner of bank accoun is the organizer of the race:

Sport club HORAL – ALTO Slovakia
Mierová 84
059 21 Svit

Six representatives from each country have a free entry fee. Requirements for the application of free entry fee is sending the confirmation by the competent national cycling federation. Part of the confirmation must be a list of names of representatives with their licence numbers. Please, send the confirmation to: office@horal.sk.


Do 04.8.2017                                                        Od 05.8.2017
Till 04. August 2017                                              From 05. August 2017

MUŽI (MEN) ELITE                        50 €                                                                     60 €
ŽENY (WOMEN) ELITE                  50 €                                                                     60 €
MASTERS                                      50 €                                                                     60 €