Peter Sagans Kids tour 2017

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Svit – Koliba


Organizer and former
Cycling tour for kids, ŠK HORAL – ALTO Slovakia, CK Energia

Date of competition
August 13 2017 /sunday

The exact place of start and finish
Svit, ul. Štefánikova (area KOLIBA)

The length and track difficulty according to categories and Tournament rules of Kids tour.

Time of start
The Baby cetegory Start 10.30 other categories will start after older pupils.

Place and time of prezentation
Svit, ul. Štefánikova (cottage nr. 7 Koliba area)

  • August 12 Saturday 14.00  – 16.30
  • August 13 Sunday 07.30 – 10.30

With online registration system:

Online registration until August 12, 11:00, the next possible registration only during the prezentation.

Sign up for competition is avaliable even in the event day during the prezentation, it is necessary to come up with a good time. All advance registered contestants will be in the final lap of Kids tour included in the competition for prices from sponzors.

Shifting to the starting corridor:
Gradually by starting numbers (  time of prezentation is deciding , not performance or overall standing of racer ) and in every category  only not for noncompetive category baby. However, the first three racers in continuous rating in appropriate category are included in start regardles of when they picked up their starting number.

During the prezentation is not possible to pick up starting number for other racers (only the legal representative). In the case, that starting numbers will pick up a coach of a club, then he has to demonstrate with authorized licenses SZC (the need to identify himself with the same club) or eventually  with insurance cards of racers.



2013 and more


2011– 2012


2009– 2010


2007– 2008

Younger pupils

2005– 2006

Older pupils

2003– 2004

Each category is competition of boys and girls. They will start together only in the case of small number of racers. Each category is annonced separately.

During the whole event will be prepared also culture programe for participants, which ensures the organizer of the event.

Štarting fee
0 € baby cetegory
2 € mikro category and also older pupils

Each participant will recieve a poster of Peter Sagan

 Baby category is noncompetive, prices will recieve every participant

Categories From Mikro to Older pupils, the first three racers in each category will recieve plaque and medal of Peter Sagan.

Counting points for Kids tour
Counting points for DTPS for the year 2017. In each round of series will points count for the first 15 racers. A racer on the first place will always recieve 20 points, next the second will recieve 14 points, the third 13 until the fifteenth racer in row, who will recieve 1 point. In the case that in the category will be starting 30 and more racers, then the first 20 racers will recieve points. A racer on the first place will always recieve 25 points, next the second will recieve 19 points, the third 18 until the twentieth racer in row, who will recieve 1 point. In the final score are counted 7 best results (when participating in all rounds DTPS is not counted the round, where racer recieved the smallest amount of points). In the case of equality of points in the final round will decide of winner : a/ better count of higher placement b/ younger age of a racer

Kids tour’s tracks
Recomended are the following tracks for categories:

  • a/ Baby, asphalt Baby, asfalt , recomended length of the track / time: 1 – 2 min
  • b/ Mikro, terrain , recomended length of the track / time : 4 – 7 min
  • c/ Mili, tarrain , recomended length of the track / time : 8 – 12 min
  • d/ Mini, technical terrain, recomended length of the track / time : 12 – 15 min
  • e/ Younger pupils, technical terrain, recomended length of the track / time : 15 – 20 min
  • f/ Older pupils, technical terrain, recomended length of the track / time : 20 – 35 min

Conditions for participation:
Racers in these categories can start only with written consent of the legal representative, who will oversee his/her charge during the proceeding of the whole event.
For “baby” category is allowed to use also reflectors, tricycles or scooters. For other categories is recomended mountain bike. Cyclist helmet is necessary.

For participans we are recomanding:
hotel SPOLCENTRUM – Svit, KOLIBA cottages  – Svit, Form centrum SKALA – Svit.


  1. Kids tour will take place in any weather – for extreme weather the organizer rezerves the right to change or cancel the competition. Observe information on 
  2. Every participant start on his own responsibility
  3. For kids we are recomanding medical examination
  4. The organizer is not liable for damage to health and property incurred to participants in connection with competition. For competition is allowed mountain bike in good technical shape (category baby also reflectors, tricycles)
  5. The competition is managed by these rules , eventually if there is not mentioned above , then tournament’s rules of Kids tour are here