3-day (3 stages) MTB marathon HORAL TOUR 8.th Anniversery – propositions

Term:                              HORAL TOUR: friday, saturday, sunday 12.-14.August 2016
:                      Sport club
HORAL – ALTO Slovakia, town Svit, villages Batizovce,  Liptovská Teplička a Šuňava

General sponsor:          DEMA Senica a.s.,        ALTO Slovakia s.r.o. SVIT

Main referee:                  Ing. Richard Gross
HORAL TOUR:               1. stage:
mountains High Tatras = 40 km, total ascending 1.900 m
                                        2. stage: mountains Low Tatras = track HORAL KREJZI or HORAL LEJZI or HORAL SENZI (see. proposition marathon HORAL)
                                        3. stage: Cros Country = 7 x lap 4,2 km, total ascending 7 x 200 m. (Women and MASTERS 5x lap)
The o
rganizer reservs rights to change routes!

Characteristic:               MTB 3 stages marathon in attractive alpine environment. Three national parks: High Tatras, Low Tatras and Slovak Paradise. Long and heavy steeping. Beutifull viuws. 3. stage – technical Cross country lam (XCO).

Registration:                  At the race office. SVIT, str. Štefánikova (small SPORT HALL) on friday 12. August 2016 from 11:00 till 12:30.4. It is recommended to bring your health insurance card with you!

Start 1. stage:                SVIT, friday 12.8.2016 at 13:00 o´clock.        Finish: SVIT KOLIBA from 15:00 till 17:00
tart 2. stage:                 HORAL Krejzi:
SVIT at 7:00 o´clock.              Finish: SVIT KOLIBA from 14:30 till 19:00
                                         HORAL Lejzi: SVIT at 9:00 o´clock.              Finish: SVIT KOLIBA from 12:30 till 16:30
HORAL Senzi:
SVIT at 10:00 o´clock.            Finish: SVIT KOLIBA from 12:30 till 14:30
Start 3. stage                 
SVIT, sunday 14. August at 13:30 o´clock    Finish: SVIT, KOLIBA from 15:30 till 16:00

Prices:                            For winners (1-st. three places) in all categories prizes for 1st. stage, for 3rg. stage and total result of HORAL TOUR. Prices for 2nd. stage are given in the context of the marathon HORAL.

Teams competition:     The Slowest team – in this competition are counted all finish time of all participants of the team on all tracks of HORAL TOUR. The winner will be the team , who completed the longest time. If there are some participants of team who take part only marathon HORAL, their time is also added into summary time of team.
                                       The fastest team: –  in this competition are counted points of the three fastest participants of the team who take parts on 3 stages marathon HORAL TOUR. The condition is: Minimum 3 member of team have to finish all three stages of HORAL TOUR.
1st. stage: … winner 1.000 points
2nd. stage: HORAL KREJZI…winner 1.200 points
HORAL LEJZI…winner 1.000 points
HORAL SENZI…winner 800 points
3rd. stage …winner 1.000 points.
Other biker by
the formula according to the final time.

Table tracks a categories:


TRACK of 2nd. stage – saturday

3. etapa


A – trasa

extrém maratón


B -trasa



C – trasa



D – trasa



XC lap

Juniors – 17, 18 rokov




5 x

Men – 19 – 39 years


7 x

Men – 40 – 49 years  √  √  √      5 x
Men Masters from 50 years


5 x

Žomen withou age diferences


5 x


Ceremonies:            HORAL – saturday 18:00. Rafle on saturday evening at 19:00, HORAL TOUR and team competitions – sunday at 17:00

Payment of starting fee :
A) bank transfer

B) post transfer on the bank account of organizer

In both cases to account 1473760653 / 0200 (VÚB Svit), IBAN: SK79 0200 0000 0014 7376 0653. As a variable symbol you use your date of birth in face YYYYMMDD. Copy of payment you bring to registration at the race office.